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sticky Notes app For PC, Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download

Sticky Notes App: keeping a diary and keeping track of notes has been indeed a really useful practice all around the world and people use this practice to take care of their day to day activities with ease. But with technological advancements, we see that lately people are not able to keep track of physical notes and that is why today we are going to talk about a really fantastic and well put together app that digitzes the entire process for you.


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Sticky Notes App for PC, Windows 11/10 Free Download


And the name of this wonderful app is Sticky Notes App and today we are going to know all about it and also understand how to download the Sticky Notes App for PC as well as Sticky Notes App for Windows for totally free of cost. So let’s get started –

About Sticky Notes App

Sticky Notes App is one of the most popular note-taking apps available, integrating superior productivity features with broad note-taking capability. For many users, though, the whole feature set is overkill, and Evernote Sticky Notes, from the same stable, aims to suit a much basic requirement without becoming unduly sophisticated or resource-intensive.

This programme allows the user to pin essential notes to the desktop and keep them visible at all times. Each note may be a distinct custom colour, making it easy to distinguish between entries with various levels of significance, urgency, or category. All notes are immediately backed up to the user’s Evernote account, Dropbox, or Google Drive, ensuring that they are not only safe but also accessible from any device. Individual notes may be easily added, edited, or deleted using keyboard keys.

The Functionality of Sticky Notes App

Using the app on a standard computer

If you’re using a standard Windows 10 PC, follow the instructions below to get started with Sticky Notes. If your computer supports digital inking, there’s a section dedicated to it lower down.

  1. Getting the app to work

Knowing where to look for Sticky Notes is the first step in using them. The easiest option is to use Cortana and put “Sticky Notes” into the search box, or to utilise voice commands and say “Hey Cortana, start Sticky Notes.”

It’s no longer in the accessories folder if you want to find it in the Start Menu. It’s now an independent app that can be updated through the App Store, and it’s labelled S.

  1. Adding further remarks

When you initially open the app, you’ll be greeted by a square that looks like the ubiquitous sticky notes. You’re still better off using something like OneNote for thorough note keeping because they aren’t meant for it. Keep them brief because they are simple reminders you’ll need throughout the day.

It’s simple to add another message once you’ve left one. Another square will emerge if you press the little “+” in the upper left corner. Simply keep repeating until you’ve exhausted your options. You may also use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + N” or right-click on the icon on the taskbar and select “create note.” To keep your notes on the screen, you must keep the app open.

  1. Positioning

You can attach these little fellas wherever, just like regular sticky notes. You may pick them up and move them about your display’s whole area. Simply drag and drop. Click and drag the somewhat darker yellow strip and the top to where you want them to go.

  1. Personalize

You may change the colour of any of your notes by clicking the three-dots menu symbol on any of them. This is very useful if you want to highlight certain notes or just group similar subjects by colour.

  1. Taking care of the mess

It’s simple to get rid of a note once you’ve finished with it. You may use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + D” or simply click the little trash can icon. You’ll see a dialogue box asking whether you’re sure you want to erase it, but your screen will begin to empty.

Ink for Windows

Sticky Notes became a very handy programme for people who use devices with digital pens, such as the Surface Pro, once Windows Ink was released. In this case, the programme is basically the same, but the way you interact with it is a little different.

Features of the Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes App

  • Stickies will stay on the screen until they are closed.
  • Stickies may be customised in terms of fonts, colours, and buttons, and styles can be stored. Stickies are resizable.
  • Text or photos can be stored on sticky notes.
  • Stickies may be snapped together and to the screen’s edges to keep them perfectly lined up.
  • Stickies can be connected to a website, document, or folder and only appear when the item is displayed on the screen.
  • Stickies may be sent from one system to another via a TCP/IP network connection, an SMTP mail server, or a MAPI client. Stickies can be buried for a certain length of time, or set to wake up every day, week, or month to serve as reminders.
  • Stickies may have alerts set to make sure you see them at the right time. They also support international language, Unicode, and RTL text…and they’re free!

Pros and Cons of Sticky Notes App


  • It’s free and simple to use.
  • Notes are backed up to the cloud and synced between devices.
  • Fully integrated into Evernote’s primary application.


  • There are no advanced features like as deadline notifications or other organisational tools.

FAQs of

For Whom Are Sticky Notes App Intended?
While the core Sticky Notes App for PC programme is one of the most widely used note-taking apps, its extensive feature set implies that it is overqualified for many users’ simple note-taking needs. Evernote Sticky Notes is a far more straightforward approach to organising critical notes, and while it lacks capabilities beyond its core usefulness, it accomplishes its goals well and without wasting resources.

Is the Sticky Notes App for PC and Sticky Notes App for Windows available?
Yes, the Sticky Notes App for PC is totally free of cost and so is the Sticky Notes App for Windows, you can download it easily via your Microsoft store and many latest ones even have it pre-installed.


Sticky Notes is a little programme that allows us to make post-its and adhere them to the screen. This is a fantastic approach to get rid of the yellow papers that are strewn about your office. You may now make virtual reminders and notes on your computer and manage them. You won’t forget anything this way, and your workplace won’t seem like it belongs to an absent-minded individual.

Color, style, alarm, and other options are available. Make them unique and don’t neglect anything! Overall, this is a fantastic programme that is well worth the money and has a tonne of useful functions for PC users.


User Reviews of Sticky Notes


The finest note-taking app! This sticky note app has been around for a long time. It has never given me any problems and always performs admirably. It’s quite simple to use. It comes in a variety of colours so you can match your notes. It also includes a variety of note types to choose from, making it pleasant to use. We operate a company, and this sticky note software has made our lives a lot simpler. Thank you very much for the app!


Sticky Notes App for Windows is a great tool for when you need to jot down a quick reminder or a list of things you need to get done. Overall, I believe the finest feature is the Widget that you may add to your home screen. It’s a great reminder/sticky note that you can change as you cross items off your to-do list. I use this app frequently and for a variety of purposes. I strongly advise!!!


Sticky Notes App for PC a fantastic application. I’ve been using it for about 6 months and have had no issues. Developers pay attention to user feedback! I enjoy being able to “stick” my notes up with items like buttons, tacks, tape, and other materials. The butterfly is my favourite (it flaps its wings!!). I wish they’d all gotten up and moved! Anyway, the only drawbacks for me are the extremely restricted font options and the lack of custom colour options for notes or text. The advertising are substantially smaller and less intrusive than in the previous upgrade.


The software is highly user-friendly. Creating a note is quite quick. It allows you to make notes in folders and lock them, which I thought was fantastic for a free software. The advertisements at the top of the app are a little distracting. Most individuals, I believe, would be willing to pay to have the adverts removed. Because there is no way to delete written notes, you must recreate them if you make a mistake. Aside from that one flaw, it’s a 4.5-star app.